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Arcangel is an agency specializing in the development of digital solutions. Whether it's a showcase to present your offer or a commercial platform, yes, our mission is to reveal who you are.

Our engagement

Conceptualize the platform that will meet both your needs and those of your target.

Our ambition

Make your own.

Your vision is ours

As you know, being on the internet is essential. We combine our brand image expertise and our skills techniques for accurately presenting your business, not to just anyone, to your target audience.

Like you, we love simplicity

"Simplicity is the supreme sophistication", let's borrow it from Leonardo Da Vinci and let's apply it to your business context.


We define your goals and ambitions. We need to know and understand you to achieve your goals.


We translate your website needs into actual steps in a timeline.


Our specifications in hand, we start the realization.


Knowing the daily challenges of creating a project, we adapt the design of your solution to your challenges in an agile manner.


Finally, we harmonize the final rendering in order to accurately communicate your message.

There is never one solution to the same problem - let's find yours!

Our product line is extensive, whether through our in-house developers or through our partners of choice, we use the products and technologies that meet your needs...LEARN MORE


Institutional, eCommerce or Catalog they are all responsive.

IOS & Android application

Custom creation and development of mobile applications.

Logo design

Ideation and design, you will leave with a graphic charter in hand.


Simple or advanced, they can even be done from social networks.

Content writing

Pass us the ink, we have the pen!


Natural, SEO or SEM everything to put you at the top of the list.

Digital signage is a tool that disseminates information on screens

What is Digital Signage?

Dynamic display can be useful in two contexts, both for structuring internal communications of an organization for promotional purposes only. The consequent audiovisual possibilities allow companies to use this technology to ensure that we are always more efficient on all fronts. Your digital signage project generally consists of several screens installed too both in the window and inside, but also on shelves on the shelves. For example, terminals or totems. The variety of media allows you to vary the formats: videos, photo slideshows, interactive animations, etc.

Digital signage a powerful communication tool

In a world where nearly 2/3 of the population has visual memory, it is essential to adapt your communication strategy according to this particularity. Reorganize your sales area by integrating digital screens into its organization. Creating a typical customer journey allows you to organize its passage around the products and promotions you want to promote.

By adding an iBeacon box, which can "talk" over a small area with your customers' smartphones and tablets, thanks to a Bluetooth connection. Placed in a point of sale, a Beacon beacon can send messages, promotions and even record visits to enhance loyalty programs.

Personalize your display from your desktop without having to load an app on your PC. Your access is personalized and secure. So you can at any time modify your communication campaign on one or all of your displays

With SaaS mode you are connected, with security guarantee and availability of data at all times, 24 hours a day. And even record visits to improve programs loyalty.

Our Player DS broadcast in Full HD or 4K. We manage the type of display horizontally or at the vertical, you adapt the content according to the desired layout.

Schedule your advertising campaigns at times and days that are convenient for you without altering the content being served. Determine the duration, time format and day of appearance advertising.

A recent study estimates that for large surfaces, this can correspond to an increase of 60% of the average shopping basket and of 19% for smaller surfaces.

Manage all of your displays from an internet connection. Analyze the frequentation of your places thanks to our marketing analysis tool by real-time reports of the movements of your loyal customers and those in the future. Finally, view the hot spots on a map of your establishment, allowing you to measure your customers' points of interest. Loyal customers appear with their names while the others are identified as unknown Go further thanks to the interactivity of your display which will be able to communicate with the customer's phone by allowing him to access your catalog, by showing him the available models not displayed on the shelf or by informing it about the availability of your products. Use your loyalty card as a promotional campaign, which after installing the application on the customer's mobile phone, will be identified by his number. You will be able to offer him a new customer experience, by sending privileged messages.

Blend into the background
Your goal, to increase traffic by providing a new experience, while being integrated into your design, Master your message with responsiveness and simplicity, the tools are provided. An improvement, a new concept or customization we are listening. Any doubt, we are here to assist you.

Realize your project thanks to our financing solutions

Examples of financing over 3 years
Continuity of the SaaS service at the end of 3 years, after acquisition of the purchase option, € 310 excl.
per device for 3 years of DS service and chat, email and telephone assistance
Pack 1
Indoor Wall Display
Screen 43“ 24/7 use 400cd
Android OS player integrate
Ethernet / WiFi / Bluetooth
Support Mural
Subscription + chat support,
Email, & phone
Installation commissioning,
2-hour user
training included
70,00€ HT/month
At the end of 3 years
you can purchase
after a purchase option of
Indoor showcase display
Screen 49“ use 24/7 2500cd
Player ARC DS HD integrate
Ethernet / WiFi / Bluetooth
Ground Support
Subscription + chat support,
Email, & phone
Installation commissioning,
2 hour training at
use included
145,00€ HT/month
At the end of 3 years you
can purchase
after a purchase option of
Indoor TOTEM display
Screen 50“ use 24/7 350cd
Android OS player integrate
TOTEM Aluminum Black
Subscription + chat support,
Email, & phone
Installation commissioning,
2 hour training at
use included
150,00€ HT/month
At the end of 3 years you
can purchase
after a purchase option of

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